Through the Fairy Dust

Through the Fairy Dust

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Liner Notes: 

Walks in the early dawn are magical as the fairies awake and bring the world to life. My neighborhood is lush with trees and as the light begins filtering through the wooded paths you can almost see the fairies!
Quick iPhone GB all thumbs creation.

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Sitting outside sipping my coffee playing this one. It’s like my whole backyard came to life and the birds chirped in to show their appreciation.

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Ooooooo… perfect sounds just punching my brain! Very dreamy. Feels like this could’ve been in a final fantasy game or a similar turn based rpg. (Yes I’m a nerd)
Super cool!

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very magical, almost makes me think of Christmas with all the bells and the lovely melodies. it'll be here sooner than we know! ...Love when the beat kicks in too! Delightful!