The Human Brain

The Human Brain




We all tend to see ourselves in everybody else,
But we are each a unique entity, fully known to just ourself.
You must remember we’re an accident of nature,
the entire human race.
It’s a grand biological experiment,
this whole human intelligence thing

we don’t fully understand how the brain even works,
so don’t pretend you know how i hurt.
I don’t pretend to know the inner workings of your mind
so don’t pretend you understand mine

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wobbie wobbit's picture

love this. from the very first words/notes it is attention gripping. i love your delivery and the vibe of the piano is beautiful. the lyrics of the first verse are so engaging and the phrasing wonderful. then the twist into the hurt of the second verse is so full of bitterness in a really effective way. ouch. top top write and beautiful demo.

Robyn Mackenzie's picture

Striking lyrics that force you to engage right from the get-go. I love the meandering, spaced-out delivery of the lyrics and your piano playing is lovely.