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Collect Yourself

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Liner Notes: 

I got out a book I bought several years ago on open tunings, put my guitar into open D (DADF#AD), learned a couple of weird chord shapes, and worked out some parts.

Then, looking around the room I record in, I added a gong and a Tibetan bowl that rings.

Title from Titular (, I never know what to call instrumentals.


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Open D is one of my probably top 5 favorites. This is really lovely and the singing bowl and gong just really set it off and give it an otherwordly vibe. It's definitely melodic enough it could have some lyrics, but stands alone instrumental IMO, but that's just me, I love a good instrumental or songs in languages I don't understand and I hate when a great song gets ruined with lyrics as I'm prone to do. Really enjoyed this! Sounds great.

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wow this is a really cool instrumental. i mean it sounds great as it is but i could imagine this being even better with some lyrics. Has a little bit of an oasis feel to it. enjoyed that.

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Nice instrumental! Has that asiany feel at times even without the gong and bowl! nice one mate!

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takes me back to the 90s when i toured all the festivals with an acoustic/psychedelic/hippie band. can just hear this at a muddy but blazing sun cafe, sitting outside on arty hand made benches in the green fields in glastonbury. nice instrumental

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Love the tuning. It makes this track a lot more unique than if you'd used a standard tuning. Really pleasant listening. Nicely done!

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The open tuning on guitar sounded great. Lots of interesting elements. So enjoy listening to acoustic guitar like that. The gong and bowl were nice additions too.