Don't Bring It Round Here

Don't Bring It Round Here

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Liner Notes: 

Another great collaboration! David sent these words with the only stipulation, Banjo! And I tried to make them work musically.
This is the third iteration of it in as many chord progressions. This one worked the best.


Don't Bring It Round Here
Words by David L Graham/ Vaughan R Daniel; Music by Phil Bearce

When You gave me your heart // Baby, I didn't know
How much of that heart //Was already owned
So I'm giving it back And I'm making it clear
I don't care what you do with that heart
But don't bring it 'round here

Don't bring it 'round here
I don't want it anymore
Don't bring it 'round here
I don't need an encore..
Goodbye was music to my ears.
I don't care what you do with That heart
But don't bring it 'round here

I've seen it work in person Back when I wasn't wise
One thing I learned for certain Your heart is cold as ice
Love is just another thing That you can commandeer
I don't care what you do with That heart
But don't bring it 'round here
Your wink, your call, your way
I still think about you almost every day
That's why I can say


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I really like this. Clever lyrics—a new way to say the same old story, so it sounds fresh. The music is very appealing, and the song moves along. Love the break…is that the aforementioned banjo? It sounds great! You don’t hear that everyday. I could listen to this over and over. I like the vocal, not sure whose voice that is, but it’s very easy to listen to!

Good job, all!

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Nice words Dave and really cool music , love the progression and delivery - really like this!

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This is so far away from my usual genre it's not funny, but there was something about this that drew me in instantly, and kept me engaged. Great lyrics, superb vocals (double or quad-tracked, right?), but the star for me is the backing music. It sets the mood really well, is simple yet subtly complex, and a real pleasure to listen to.

Absolutely impeccable. Smile