Thought We Knew

Thought We Knew

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Liner Notes: 

I'm now on a song-a-week or less schedule. I spent more time on production on this one, redoing parts to get them a bit more right. The mix was a little difficult, and if I listen tomorrow it probably still won't sound right.

But here it is! Even when I'm pretty happy I can write a song about things going wrong.

I watched a You±Tube video by Eric Haugen talking about how to use the chord and melody aspects of Lydian mode, and decided to put that into a song...


Walking through the crowd
In the grit and the grime
My head in the clouds
I thought we had some time

We thought we knew the road
As we walked every stone
Until the day
I found myself alone

Things stay concealed
Our shadows 10 feet tall
Some will be revealed
We thought we had it all

Many miles from home
Making miles making time
Choices postponed
We crossed the double line

You’re the one I’ll wait for
I’m here if you return
There’s a light over my back door
Always gonna burn

I'll wait for you

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This is really wonderful!
Its a very evocative lyric that says 'alot and not alot' at the same time in a poetic way (if that makes any sense) and that's a style that I think you're great at.

the music and performance sounds full and fully realized. My own mixing preference would be to boost the vocal slightly and lower the bass slightly, but then again I didn't grow up a big REM fan (when i was a kid, the only REM was the sleep term, ha) .

anyway, all that's to say,- really great stuff, and keep on creating! a total pleasure to hear!

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Fine song! Great harmony. I like the low bass, it leaves everything clean and clear to me! excellent chorus and i love the outro although show off i am i would have dwelt more on it!

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This is a really splendidly written and arranged track. I stand in awe of your arrangement skills.

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Really nice modal song. Sparse lyrics that say all they need too. The arrangement is very well done.

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The way ideas from your previous song have percolated into the lyrics here made me smile in recognition. Great arrangement, too. There are some stonkingly good guitar tones all the way through this. And Oh, to be able to sing harmonies like you do...

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i dont tknow lydian mode, but whatever it is, its application here sets your song above the common run of mid tempo rock ballads. very appealing and unusual harmonies., i am going to research this lydian mode,

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No problem, cos I've been on a song-a-week-or-less schedule since this thing started.
I'm liking the double vocals here.
That bass really holds down the bottom end and allows the rest of the instruments to show off.
Great wandering guitar line.
I'm liking the sense of loss in your lyrics.
Nice work here!

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I really like the vocal melody of this one! The music makes me feel kind of sad and nostalgic even before closely listening to the lyrics (I often listen to music first without really "listening" to the lyrics) and then I read the lyrics and they were appropriate, so I feel like you did a good job making everything work together there.