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Liner Notes: 

I forgot to pick up my son from track. I was sitting at home wondering what this song was about.

On the drive over after getting his text, I figured it out.


So you’re late, by a time or two
You’ll make me wait just like you always do
Somewhere far away, you’re beating a tattoo
On that dash, yelling yourself hoarse at cars to let you through

But I don’t mind
Contemplating the passing day
You can take your time
I don’t need to hear you say

You’re not to blame, for the time you made
There was a most exceptional reason you were delayed
And all the roads were under a blockade
I should be glad you’re here at all, to be criticized is to be betrayed

But I don’t mind
You’ve reasons I don’t need to know
The weather’s fine
I’m watching my shadow grow
Dark fingers stretching high

Let the days go by

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Groovy guitar feel and the lyric works great with the music. The last couple lines... "Dark fingers stretching high... let the days go by" add a depth to the song. Really cool.

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oh wow where did Morrison appear from! I was so taken by that vocal tone i had to go back and listen a second time! Very good one mate, love the guitar as well!

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Great flange? sound on the guitar. great job on the vocals. Well done.

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I like the verse with the excuses. Cool solo too, nice tone and pacing to it. The abrupt end is also fun.

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these rhythms remind me of elvis in vegas.,and the sung melodies and guitar tones bring back memories of hearing jefferson airplane at the fillmore. the combination of these two very different styles result in a song of rare originality, i really like the way it is recorded as well.