Summer Love

Summer Love

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Liner Notes: 

Just saw this and quickly wrote this down.


Summer Love
© 2021 Cindy Prince

Sizzling hot days
Sizzling hot love
Tantalizing times with you

Steaming hot nights
Steaming hot dreams
Scorching touches under the moon

Our summer love caught us on fire
We couldn't stand to be apart
We never seemed to tire
Burning up one another's heart

Never ever go
I need you so

Titillating evenings
Titillating midnights
Tumbling every night in bed

Blistering sunny days
Blistering afternoons
Blazing ever fires ahead

Repeat chorus

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vivalarayna's picture

Yowzers! Hot stuff, lol!! I like how you incorporated the "heat" terms within the love concept.

Zeekle's picture

Love the raunchyness of this. Hot n steamy, i hear it as an up tempo jazzy/bluesy style. Great stuff.

Mandolinda's picture

Such a lovely thought, my mind is ablaze . Well done for imagery.

tjeff's picture

Oh summer love! Nothing like it. Definitely brings back memories. Excellent writing!

K.C.'s picture

Great write Cindy! Liked it alot!


kahlo's picture

The repetition works really well for a sizzling response to the skirmish! Love it!

Jibbidy34's picture

Phewee! I agree with everyone else - this is hot stuff Cindy Smile

wacha's picture

Wow, very steamy and a great use of the prompt! I love the shorter lines, they are effective and keep the song moving along nicely. Very well done, thanks for playing along!