Strange Summer

Strange Summer

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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Catherine for an interesting prompt subject. Summer is going and it was interesting to write about it now. It was a strange Summer for many people, well, not the first strange Summer. Ever since we had the first lockdown our Summers aren't the same. My computer keeps making strange cricking noises, not sure if it's on the demo or just the sounds I get as my poor computer can't stand the amount of music I keep feeding it lol.
Thank you for listening and for sharing your thoughts.

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I like your take on this! Yes, definitely strange summers these past few years. I'm not sure what you used (a flute patch?) But it created a very almost Alice in Wonderland feel.

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Definitely some strange summer, and this one is getting stranger here in Kansas. I love that airy flute sound, helped to give your piece a very atmospheric feeling. Sounds fantastic.

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A strange summer, most definitely. I like the soundscape you have created on this piece, it has a "Ye Olde", medieval feel to it. And where do you find your pictures??

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This does remind me of how strange the past couple summers have been. Nice!

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Definitely medieval sounding, with the wind instrument. And minor chords provides the strange and unusual. Very nice.

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nice work- i like the arrangement, and yeah, a bit of a 15th-century feel to it or something!

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Great song that I wasn’t expecting. Strange and wonderful!

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What a lovely peice, that motif grows and developes and takes one away.... magical Nadia. Fit for a movie about historic bravery. Really enjoyed my listen.

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This is gorgeous!

Glad to hear you working on your instrumentalism/arrangement, beyond what you were already doing on piano.

Great job!

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Wow it is amazing what you can get out of few notes. Sounds like the emotional feel of an American Indian, or tribal musical mode, maybe even leaning minor. But the Melody Notes you are playing are quite Major scale. Curiously Pleasent

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This is a beautiful use of the prompt, I love how the song moves along. Another cinematic feeling song that feels like it is telling a story, very nice work! Thanks for playing along.