A Midsummer Sky

A Midsummer Sky

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Liner Notes: 

WHEN: Monday Skirmish August 30, 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

THEME/TITLE: Summer (could be anything, summer romance, summer coming to an end, summer school, how you hate the summer)

TAGS: skirmish, songskirmish, s083021, feast, summer
WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: @wacha

I don't know how I feel about this one but it's done so yay! I used my Tanglewood Semi Hollow bodied guitar which I was play earlier today. I spent a good 20 minutes or so just trying to get a good take where I didn't mess up the chord progression. And appropriately enough the Pittsburgh Heatbug Choir is screaming by the end of the vocal take, I think you can hear them all the way through.

It's a murder balled but definitely not one of my best, I'm not mad at this one but don't think it's as good as some other others I've written. It could either be about the killer or the victims, listeners choice.


Verse: am dm am em
Chorus: C G C F G

The night air
Was filled with regret
A heaviness
You just don't forget

The clarity
Of a midsummer sky
Won't help you
Figure out why

No one will hear
Your cry
Like so many others
Who came here to lie
It's a sickness
Some people know
They give
And lose all control

There's a thickness
That makes it hard to breath
You try
But you can not scream

The green grass
Grows up from the mud
But all you see
Is reddish brown blood

No one will hear
Your cry
Like so many others
Who came here to lie
It's a sickness
Some people know
They give
And lose all control

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Yes, a murder ballad!! Love it!! I'm not sure I could hear the Pittsburgh Heatbug Choir over our local Northern Virginia Cricket Chorale, but I appreciate their efforts at backup vocals. Really good lyrics and I like how the heaviness of summer nights is intertwined with the events of the song.

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Very creative take on the prompt. Thank you for your prompt and for your beautiful song, singing and playing. Very poignant, strong song. Definitely a keeper!

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Oh I like this. The chords and rhythm match the vocal melody so well. The vocals have a nice tone to them as they bring those lyrics magically to life.

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Love the sound of that guitar! And a smooth strumming pattern that I like too - nice contrast between sections. I love murder ballads, this is a good one, I do like the ambiguous point of view as well.

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Now this is fantastic! The guitar and your sultry vocals are awesome!

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Glad to see the 50/90 page back up and running. Thank you for the prompt today. We are heading into September, and fall weather, so a summer prompt is nice. Your song is wonderful, as all your songs have been.

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This has a wonderfully minor-key spooky vibe all the way around, which is so appropriate to this lyric- really nicely done, and atmospheric and cinematic! There's also a kind of americana- Gillian Welch 'this could be new or 80 years old' thing about this too- nice work!

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I don't know why you have any doubts about this...it works perfectly and the guitar and vocals are sublime!

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Deliciously dark lyric made me think this would be a great song for a Dexter episode! Love the sound you get from your guitar - cool strum riff pattern and the melody is great.

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That low "dream" was worth the price of admission! Yeah!
What a great dark track. I wont repeat myself about you and skirmishes *smh*~ !
Well done!

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Guitar and vocals are consistently top quality. How many different ways can I say that? Probably sound like a broken record…

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There is something nicely nostalgic about this one, like an old fashioned ballad, really like the melody.