A lovely fruit basket for the mind

A lovely fruit basket for the mind

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Liner Notes: 

I'm reusing one of my own titles here.


A lovely fruit basket
for the mind.
It helps me to relax
and unwind.

A lovely fruit basket
for the mind.
Perhaps I should go
and remind:

This fruit basket thing
was once another.
This basket I bring
would be a bother.

In my mind it can change
transmorph and rearrange.
In my mind it is strange.
Thoughts that interchange.

The basket began simply:
an idea like another.
The idea started dimly:
I was caught by the sucker.

A mental chameleon,
an octopus of thought.
A gripping cohesion,
no need to be fraught.

Did it transform?
Does it matter?
Will I conform?
Or do I scatter?

A lovely fruit basket
for the mind?
Or is it havoc?
Am I entwined?

An octopus pretending
to be basket and fruit.
My mind is attempting
to resolve that dispute.

What is one?
What is the other?
I have gone
and created a bother.

But while I sit and think
I leave other thoughts aside.
Slowly, I will blink
and dreams I will ride.

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I respectfully submit that a fruit basket is not like an octopus... and find myself refuted!

Odd, and compelling, line of thinking. A rather pleasant bother.