Bright Balloons

Bright Balloons

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Liner Notes: 

Saw the prompt and a memory came so clearly to my mind.


Bright Balloons
© 2021 Cindy Prince

I had a memory hit my brain
My hand full of birthday gifts
I was trying to hold a big balloon
Because my youngest was turning six

Just as I got my car door open
The balloon quickly flew away
I had to go back in the buy another
I wanted things to go his way

Now I am looking back...

Now my youngest is twenty-three
Has moved many miles away
I so treasure all the memories now
When I'm having a lonely day
I remember all their birthdays
All the cakes and bright balloons
Enjoy your kids when they are small
The grow up far too soon

Now my focus for birthdays
Goes to my three Grandchildren
They love toys and bright balloons
They're smiles are worth a million

Repeat chorus

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vivalarayna's picture

Aww, how many parents have had that lost balloon trip back to the store! This is a sweet memory and speaks loads of the love and hopes for children. Really nice.

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Beautiful memories like that should be treasured. And a song is a perfect way.

wobbie wobbit's picture

i love the just wanted it to go his way bit. very sweet lyrics some nicely blended rhymes in there, reads so naturally. nice skirmish

johnstaples's picture

Awww Cindy this is really beautiful and touching! I love how you used balloons as markers or milestones in your childrens' lives. And you are so right about them growing up too soon! Excellent work!

tjeff's picture

Love the memories in your song that you hold dear. Written in a talky natural way that I like. Makes me think of my own kids too.

kahlo's picture

Beautiful memory and nostalgia that captures the depth of a mother’s love so perfectly. I love the direction that you took this prompt, Cindy!