Parting Gift

Parting Gift

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Liner Notes: 

Stevie doesn't say much about these lyrics, if fact he says nothing at all, so you are free to put whatever interpretation you like on them.

To me it's a tale of gradual decay, of life, love and the fabric of our society; a temporal decline.

But in the end, at least you get a watch Smile


Verse 1

walking through the old town

past the stray cats

and the boarded up old bars

it feels like a ghost town

nothing's really changed

except who we are

Pre Chorus

did I even know you?

did you really know me?


Oh time hasn't been too kind

the hands are pointing at you

and I can tell that you mind

but that's just my point of view

You haven't moved on

did the battery stop?

everybody knows a parting gift

is a watch

Verse 2

starting up the engine

but the choke seems to have broke

in my old car

maybe it's a sign

That nothings really changed

except who are
Pre Chorus

did I even know you?

did you really know me?



so much water
under my bridge

yours is dry as a bone

leave me alone now,
I'm married with kids

I found myself a new home


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melancholic vocals against cheery music. lyrics addressing the truths of social isolation in a seemingly gregarious society where a parting gift is a watch representing the time you have lost and cant get back

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great job @daveyboy103 love what you did with this. And your interpretation is pretty much spot on. Thank you for taking it on!

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You're very welcome. glad you like it.

I posted it earlier but was not happy with the vocals so redid them. A lot better now

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Love the time metaphor running through the whole number. Great production values too. Nice collab.

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lovely collab! some nice lines in there.. i like hands pointing at you. the music sounds great and the delivery. vocals - with the harmonies are lovely.