Listen to the Wind

Listen to the Wind

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Liner Notes: 

Wednesday skirmish write.

Prompt: Listen/Listening - do you need someone to listen? Are you the someone who listens... or wish they had been? Is someone not listening to you?

Felt a bit stuck at first today, but came up with something - glad I stayed with it and didn't give up.


Stop and take a moment
From your busy day
Pause the mental static
Keep that inner noise at bay
Step outside and take a deep breath in
Let it out, relax and listen
Listen to the Wind

If you'll take the time
To trust the quiet
Later you may handle things
When your day becomes a riot
If chaos happens, there's a way to mend
Step outside and close your eyes
And Listen to the Wind

Mother Nature's calling you
Hope's to change your point of view
Asking you to settle down
Relax and ease that gentle frown

Living in the moment
Can never hurt you
I try to live that way
But some days I don't have a clue
And just when it seems I'm about to bend
A voice inside says step outside
Listen to the Wind

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Beautiful. I must admit after a second or two into your song and I propped my feet up, put the chair back, closed my eyes and relaxed. Great song! Very comforting & good!

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I'm so glad you stuck with this, too!! Beautiful message and beautiful song. You've some wonderful lines here: "A voice inside says step outside" and "Later you may handle things/When your day becomes a riot" are so strong. Very well done.

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Ahhhh yes! Such great advice and put in the most perfect way! Just great!

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Very beautiful song. So glad you were able to create and record it. Hope you are feeling much better now. I love the warmth and the positive feel in your song. Beautiful singing and playing.

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Such a peaceful feeling. I really like the chord progressions between the lines in the B part. Mellow and calming.

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I often read the lyrics before even hearing the music and this was one of those times. These are beautifully penned insights just for starters!
The bridge lyrics into the last verse are a handbook for living, letting go and trust.
And just when it seems I'm about to bend
A voice inside says step outside
Listen to the Wind
So glad you stuck it out on this one. You've given us and yourself a great gift!