That Little Bit of Rebel

That Little Bit of Rebel

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Liner Notes: 

Monday skirmish, prompt is: Rebel


Stand up for everything you believe in
Don't let your voice stay silent
You'll regret it, again and again
So clear your thoughts and speak your mind
State your truth and you will find
That Little Bit of Rebel
That makes you feel alive

Help out everywhere you can
A friendly smile and hello
To your fellow man
A simple act like that might be
The catalyst that sets them free
That Little Bit of Rebel
Might just help you to thrive

You can be contrary, or a little defiant
Or a bit unruly and noncompliant
But in the end it's better to express
Than to hold it in and face a life full of stress

Stand strong when you see wrong, don't ever back down
Don't let any so-called bullies
Push you around
Trust in what you know is right
Let it be known, you'll show your might
That Little Bit of Rebel
You don't want to deprive

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Nice playing, love that little riff. Great commentary, helping fellow man. Nice song.

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YEAH!! YOU SING IT, TJEFF!!! This is a great blend of hopeful defiance. Sometimes, being a rebel can be exactly what the world needs, though there's still a price to pay for standing up. Awesome skirmish and agree with @Mandolinda - that riff is perfect.

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Nice one mate, has a real oasis feel here! Good skirmish song.

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Great advice and a much better take than mine. Awesome skirmish!

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Terrific singing, and the song rocks. I really like everything about this!

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Fabulous message! Great delivery! Has an classic protest anthem like feel with that call to be a little defiant as a champion for the right causes. I love how you don’t preach what we should stand up for other than for what we are passionate about doing and helping others! Wonderful guitar riffs too. Great song!

wacha's picture

Love the slightly darker feel to the guitar playing on this, it compliments your vocals nicely. This is a heck of a good use of the prompt, I love that the idea of kindness being a rebellion. Really nice skirmish, thanks for playing along!