Highway Home

Highway Home

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Liner Notes: 

Last week, I drove the long road back to the town where I worked for 40 years. Stayed with family at a beach front cottage. It was lovely. But the drive gave me time to think.
The prompt for Week7 was High. So I used Highway. But maybe high and lofty thoughts worked in as well.


Highway Home

It's Homecoming again
The whole town is coming out
Everyone who's anyone
Will make the trek.
family puts out the mat
we've dedicated time to chat
Its the long road home again
Time to spend with some old friends

There will be celebrations
Up and down on the main street
Pipe bands and shirt tail parades
All of your old high school chums
At the water park With their kids
Sometimes homecomings
are not what you'd expect

The house that you grew up in
is now just a parking lot
The block was razed
Now its a shopping spot
Your old school just looks so small
always thought it was extreme
Just goes to show ya, sometimes
things just aren't what they seem.

I know that high school sweetheart
Has been on your mind awhile
you haven't seen each other
since you walked out in style
has life been good or just OK
well, the time is drawing near
Just suck it up and bring it
first, get another beer

Sometimes home comings are not what you'd expect

so that highway in to town
is the same one going out
sometimes you just can't leave
as fast as you would like.
but when you get right down to it
your hometown had its charms
all you have to do is smile
check your firearms

when you left to find fortune
you were forging a new route
didn't know quite where to Go
it was worth the pursuit
now its easier to look back
and see what you left behind
the good old days and today
they are forever entwined

Sometimes home comings are not what you'd expect

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What a great throwback song - perfect for reminiscing and visiting that childhood home.

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Another documentary story told in your delightful happy troubador style. all you have to do is smile check your firearms LOL. Lovely (again). Well done.

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This is Great!! Love the whole thing!! Great lyrics, singing and playing ... love the melody!!


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Great track.. some great lyrics in there and a lovely lively melody and your singing is great as usual too.