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Now for a long con the first thing you need
Is a story that’s gonna play
Cause if you’re wrong once under the heat
You’re gonna have to walk away

And all the time spent laying the ground
Building the job
Now it’s just bills to pay

But for a hit and run it’s all in the speed, be gone before you’re even there
And in a handoff, coordination is key, make sure of your opposing pair
Stealing an identity can save you some time
Nothing really changes when you move things online
It’s still the craftsmanship of crime for that you need a care

Never fabricate when you’ve got something at hand that gets you near
Don’t equivocate, you’re just distracting from what the people want to hear
Only escalate indirectly if you need to distract
Don’t congratulate yourself for a little success, have some tact

So get your game on well in advance long before you hit the scene
You’ve got the urge strong don’t take a chance holding out on me
I’m gonna give you all of the tools
That doesn’t mean there aren’t any rules
Not if you like walking and having teeth

Forget about law and order
You’ve got to be out of the system to work the machine

Opportunity, Opportunity, take the world and its opportunity

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Deliciously criminal lyrics and awesome drum beat and guitar riff! Love the vibe and the details. It makes me a bit worried about writing a comment on your song as you may know too much about the art of use the theft! Great song!

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you have a talking heads rhythmic sense. here. more new wave art rock than punk. songs draws me right in and i move along with it. excellent lyrics boast phrases of such high order as 'craftsmanship of crime'