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Liner Notes: 

Simple swing soul/blues from my EZ keys library. 6/8 Can't remember the key.

Voice is a wreck with all this wildfire smoke. But it's a start.

Let me know if the soundcloud link is busted.

Update: the mix was gross. so I fixed it. It’s still gross. But at least I can hear my mistakes.



Time is a woman
Desire a child
Too much sand in her pockets
To go after a thing running wild

Just say what you need
I’ll get it
I want to believe you
But I should know better by now

You came and you conquered
When all that I wanted
Was the thrill of battle
Without going to war

Now you got what you were after
And it’s all a disaster
Cuz I can’t let you know what I need…

More than I bargained
Tied up in red tape and white lines
Stealing from Peter and giving to Paul
Gets harder to handle each time

But say what you need
I’ll get it
I want you to leave her
But it’s not my place to say

You came and conquered
When all that I wanted
Was the thrill of battle
Without going to war

Now you got what you were after
And it’s all a disaster
Cuz I can’t let you know what I need…

I need more

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Oh, Kelly - this right here. A familiar theme, but your arrangement; your unique stamp makes this sultry number pop! That chorus is the pull for me and it's so nice to hear your vocals again. The complexity here reminds me of Me and Mrs. Jones. Welp - get back into that studio, ma'am, cos you got 49 more to go! Wink

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What a great song! The lyrics are wonderful and your voice is great for it. Maybe the fires have made it a bit "husky" in a good way. Your prechorus sends a shiver thru my spine.

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Aww dang Kelly, this is truly beautiful! You have such a way with soul and blues! Sultry, smoky and lovely! I can picture you in a nightclub singing this one and no one is moving around, not even tipping their drinks because they are mesmerized! So glad you have one on the board! Excellent use of EZ Keys too!

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Beautiful singing, and song, lovely rhythm throughout that fits the mood. I hope you are doing okay after all the fires. We here in Australia are pretty spoilt to what else is gong on the World. I'll keep an eye out for your stuff on 50/90 - hope you get some time for a few more of these. Cheers Greg

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Really wonderful.
The lyrics tell a great story of love and longing and the vocals (melody and tone) convey the emotion. Great stuff!

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Kelly my old jammin' buddy from a few years back...what a great way for you to start 5090. Just a smooth sultry bluesy song and great lyrics.

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Stunningly good. The chorus sets the context of this perfectly and "I should know better by now" punches it home. And the demo is amazing, wildfire smoke or not. That ending is such a good choice.

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Oh, hello, you are here.

Beautiful floating melody, nice feel with that simple piano taking the bulk of the backing track.

Not sure exactly why, but I love the lines around "got what you were after / now it's all a disaster", that one gets me in some way.

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Ah here were go.
Yep, excellent soulful vocals; voice sounds great to me.
Love your sangin'.
These lyrics are so well written; cts' point of Me And Mrs Jones is a good one, great story told here.
Yeah this just simply sounds great.
Glad to see you with one on the board.

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A fantastic soulful, smokey jazz joint classic. Loved the vocals on this, as usual, always amazing.

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Cool sound and vibe. Great vocal sound. mctownmusic @