About This Town

About This Town

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Liner Notes: 

So I've taken a break from 50/90, this is my first song in almost two weeks. I wrote two new things on vacation, but getting back to work the next week was depressing, so not much happened.

Anyway, my realization for the last two weeks is that you can't really write a song about a town. Well, you can. But usually it's about the people.

Pretty full production, which took some time. I'm out of practice, somehow, in 2 weeks.


I keep writing songs
About this town
How it always
brings me down
But it’s not the town
That’s going to hell
It’s all these people
Wrapped up in themselves

Nobody here knows who they are
They act like washed-up movie stars
Staring into middle distance
Unaware of my existence

Always writing songs
About this town
This old place
To which I’m bound

None of these people
Ever gonna change
Every year
They stay the same


When I think
About this town
All of the troubles
They keep around

Its sink or swim
Or run aground
Sink or swim
And likely drown

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I really felt this one. What a heartfwlt performance. Lovely lyrics. Great song

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Great chorus. It's interesting to think of people in a town as actors in a play--actors who keep playing the same role (though you'd think they'd age out at some point). My family comes from small town New Mexico. I didn't grow up out there, but I spend a lot of time thinking about those places. I have kind a romanticized vision of small town life, though I know the reality is different. Good song--and I like that chorus more and more as it rolls around, catchy and plaintive

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Catchy vocals and great guitar; nicely arranged and has such a nice feel. Love this melancholy type of song.
Whole thing is just really well-crafted. Would be a playlist add for sure if I found it out in the wild.

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Spot on i reckon on the observation, driven home by a catchy riff, cool solo and a great change up into the cool chorus.

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Really great write! and I'd echo coolparadiso, pretty spot on observation in my experience.

The double tracked jangly and crunchy guitars L/R really drew me in right from the start. I really like this production too, its full and polished and sounds great, but also keeps a raw almost live feel that's not real easy to do. Great performance.

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Welcome back! That's a pretty significant realization, and I love the way you've expressed it in the song, even if the conclusions you've reached are pretty dismal. But it doesn't really matter if you have a set of guitars like that helping you to make your point.

You've touched on a subject that I've thought about a lot; I reckon we have such a strong connection with the places where we lived as children because back then, we travelled around our home town on foot (or if you were lucky, on a bike.) I knew every crack in the paving stones around my house back then. I knew the scale of the place. You need to tread every street of somewhere before you can truly get to know it, and we lose that opportunity when we get used to driving everywhere.