I Want To Live Before I Die

I Want To Live Before I Die

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Liner Notes: 

I started this early July. Provisionally called Walking Home In The Rain. I had an almost completed lyric for this, but it wouldn't fit with the music. Song abandoned mid July. The lyrics may appear in a later song???
I was looking at the shell of this song, drums guitar and strings. The lyric idea popped into my head, providing the structure. Many added layers later, this is the result. Usually when I do a song, it gets longer as I add more sections, but this got shorter. Add synth, oh don't need those 4 bars, add bass, well I could lose those 8 bars and so on. I had to add the mid8 processed piano section to get back to 3 mins. That was strange too. It's basically just an abused C7ish chord for 8 bars. I listened and decided to make the last bar the root chord F7ish, but the sequencers were horrible as F7ish, but worked ok when I left them as C7ish over the F7ish pianos. Don't know what the chord is prob some Fsus9ish chord, but sounds ok.

Onwards and Upwards.


I Want To Live Before I Die

I am attracted to, your impulsive nature.
Your carefree attitude, intrigues my mind

I want to live, I want to live before I die

I like the thrill, I like the danger
Your reckless attitude, draws me in closer

You know how to push my buttons,
You know how to twist my mind,
You know how to get me going,
You know how to switch me on.

I want to live, I want to live before I die
I want to live, I want to live before I die
I want to live, I want to live before I die

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Such an epic song. it just keeps building and building. The chorus is excellent and then the final section with all the vocals is so good. Great work.

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very strong beat. I do not know much about synths and multi track productions, but it seems well put together.

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This has great energy. I don't have the technical knowledge to comment on the mix, but I enjoyed listening, was hooked from the first few notes, and kept bopping until the last note. Great title and good choice to keep the lyrics simple and effective.

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Your title is very strong. I think you have something very universal and appealing in this idea. Very nice!

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Wow! This was great! I could see this being played in a club. Very catchy, but also understated. It works!

Glad you came back to this one. Smile

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Totally love this! The Beatles meet The Bee Gees! So cool! Must listen again!

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great sounds. that pulled me in. i like the 80s vibe. i wanna live is great. nice arrangement too. the backing vocals overlap is cool too