Out My Window

Out My Window

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote the lyrics about my grandmother's passing last week, and Chris wonderfully and thoughtfully brought the emotions to life with his vocal performance.

"I really enjoyed singing on this and hope you like how it turned out. The emotion behind it reminded me of thinking of my own grandmother." - Chris

We hope you enjoy!


Lyrics by Peter Arvidson, vocal performance by Chris Smith (chrismyth02)

Out my window, I see the beauty in the plains
Out my window, I see the beauty of what remains
Out my window, I see all the sweetness, all around
Out my window, I see where we kissed the ground

Do we share the same eyes?
Did we ever make up our minds?
Do we carry the same bones?
Do we live in a crowded home?

Going on this journey down the road

Out my window, everything is clear
Out my window, it feels like you're still near
Out my window, I see the beauty in the waves
Out my window, the eyes to your soul remain

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Thats another cracker Peter and Chris. Lovely tone in the voice and great build. Really interesting musical base.

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i like the variance in vocal tones communicating the different emotional levels of this excellent lyric.

LyricSlinger's picture

This was a real treat to listen to - fantastic music and vocals that complement each other perfectly

K.C.'s picture

This is killer!! love the lyrics, melody, playing and production! like the consistent riff throughout... Brought back memories of the Marshall Tucker Band when you went into the 3rd verse.

Top notch @chrismyth02 and @Peter Arvidson !


wobbie wobbit's picture

great feel, lovely playing/performance . the lyrics are set nicely in a gorgeous arrangement. well done the pair of you

musicsongwriter's picture

Very beautiful song and collaboration. Very visual lyrics and music. Love the instrumentation. Brilliant vocals and effects. You are a great team!

lowhum's picture

Great collab. Really nice arrangement with the little strings and winds touches at the back. And the voice is just what is needed

McTown's picture

Like that groove... a very 70s feel...DG

Acousticmaddie's picture

What an awesome performance. Your voice is absolutely living the Great lyrics. Fab song

colgoo's picture

What an awesome collaboration! This song feels like it should accompany a film. It tells such a great story, but the music is laidback enough to accompany footage of a car driving along the road….really well done. Stunning vocals.

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Really nice tune from you both. lovely backing flute sound.

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This is a gorgeous song. The repetition in the lyric and the images create such a beautiful and poignant sentiment - it is a heartfelt expression of grief as well as a loving tribute to someone special. The musical delivery and emotion conveyed in the vocals is stunning. I love this song!