This Cold, Cold Trail

This Cold, Cold Trail

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Liner Notes: 

A new song from our ongoing swamp collection...Georgie's from me...


I’ve been lookin’ for clues
Huntin’ for signs
Readin’ for meanin’
Between the lines

I’ve been followin’ footprints
Trackin’ your scent
Going back and forth tryin’
To trace your steps

I learned your language
Deciphered the code
Couldn’t find a message
So I took to the road

Turned over stones
Found a secret or two
But despite my search
I couldn’t get to you

‘Cause nothin' leads to nowhere
On this cold, cold trail
I’ve tried and failed to find a way
But there’s no help to hail
On this cold, cold trail

When I think I’m close
It turns out a rouse
I’m seein’ shadows
And the course, I lose

Some say they know you
They’ve seen your face
You’re a ghost that
Goes by many names

'Cause nothin' leads to nowhere
On this cold, cold trail
I’ve tried and failed to find a way
But there’s no help to hail
On this cold, cold trail

The sheriff’s launched a manhunt
The reward, a pretty price
There’s a bounty on your head
Captured dead or alive

I’ll follow all the gunshots
Go ahead and do your worst
I’ll be callin’ off the bloodhounds
If I get to you first

'Cause nothin' leads to nowhere
On this cold, cold trail
And I’ve tried and failed to find a way
But there’s no help to hail
On this cold, cold trail

I’ll find a route on my pursuit
I’m gonna make you pay
One slip and I’ll be on your tail
On this cold, cold trail

On this cold, cold trail
On this cold, cold trail...

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wobbie wobbit's picture

nodding along here. such a punchy sound, arresting from the off. love the changes in the chorus. love your delivery on this and the backing vocals are excellent. love the bass too, well the whole arrangement really. sounds so good and the lyrics really paint a vivid picture. top collaboration!

cindyrella's picture

I almost feel like I'm going on an adventure listening to this! I always love everything the two of you do. Excellent chorus and feel of this one!

cts's picture

Man, that chorus is pretty catchy! Love the vocal delivery here and the arrangement is more than fitting for this yarn the two of you have put together. I could hear this on an episode of Justified (one of my favorite TV shows).

musicsongwriter's picture

To all people doubting that it is possible to create great songs on this challenge, here is a perfect example! What a fantastic song! So inspirational and at the same time so well crafted. Brilliant lyrics, music, singing, playing. I love everything about your song. Well, I don't like it that it's not a big hit!

davidtaro's picture

Love a song with repetition in the title! (And a double meaning - bonus points, Georgie!) The melody on those first two lines of the chorus is simply gorgeous, love how you resolve each in that spooky bluesy seventh chord (I think?!), and then the sign off ‘cold, cold trail’ is perfect. When those close harmonies kick in on the verses everything just seems to lift off. Love pretty much all the other elements: organ, trem guitars, swampy drums… brilliant track guys.

billwhite51's picture

nothing equals the value of a solid chorus. and this one is like a jet taking off from a fairly common verse and when it drops us back to earth we have an intense re-engagement with the verses and the story it tells. the bridge succeeds,to a slighly lesser degree, in this as well.

vivalarayna's picture

When is this swamp collection going to be available for purchase because I need it in my life. There are so many solid lines in here. Just stellar storytelling all around and excellent realization. You gave us trail songs for the modern day.

coolparadiso's picture

This is a beauty. Nice story build through the verses and a killer chorus, what more do you need. Top stuff

Gm7's picture

Loving this swamp/trail series...such a great flowing song both from the vocal and music presentation. Just a great job

dzd's picture

Love this lyric and delivery especially in that chorus is killer! That organ is so excellent too, well I just loved all this. The swamp sessions are great!

Panch's picture

Great production and performance. A really enjoyable listen.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Every time I listen to one of you guys' collaborations I just shake my head--not in time with the music, mind you. I'm just always amazed at the professionalism in production, Gwyn's (or Georgie's) vocals, and how you can churn out these great lyrics time after time.

Constantly entertained by you guys--another classic! I'll buy the album!

LyricSlinger's picture

This sounds very high class - one I'd love to hear on the radio. Love it and the 'Cause nothin' leads to nowhere / On this cold, cold trail' is pure gold