Spanish Rain

Spanish Rain

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Liner Notes: 

Woke up with the phrase Spanish Rain, seemed like a good place to start.
Wanted a section that sounded like rain, came up with one, scaped it, came up with another scraped that as well.
came up with something rainish but not Spanish. Finally got to one that worked reasonably well, it'll work for now.


Spanish Rain

Meet me by the fountain
When the sky goes grey
Shadows in the church
Neon lights the way

Some are passing time
Others easing pain
In the Spanish rain

Leave me in the morning
With the clouds on the willow
I'll recall your name
By the perfume on the pillow

Make your way to the station
Catch the morning train
In the Spanish rain

Intro E (spanish major E F G# A B C D E)

C G Am E Bm

A D C D7 G F B7

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That opening piano melody sets the scene perfectly and combined with the last line of the chorus you have got a fine hook there, sir. This is gorgeous.

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This turned out beautiful and you've musically captured the title perfectly. Love the chords. I particularly like that you let the piece breathe in places. It didn't feel rushed, but still kept an engaging pace.

The opening piano captured my ears and then the vocals blew my mind my mind - so unexpected and cool and 70s rock!