No service (50/90 outage)

No service (50/90 outage)

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Liner Notes: 

This was a challenge from @vivalarayna to write about the recent 50/90 site outage. I focussed on the 'No Service' messages that are often given in such events.


No Service

One look at the screen might make you
A little nervous
An annoying phrase that gets under
Ones epidermis

The top of the page said

It’s a tennis match that can’t go on
Because there’s NO SERVICE
A restaurant when the waiters have gone

So what do you do when the screen’s mostly white?
Why get a pen and paper and write

NO SERVICE no way to post
NO SERVICE the fora are toast
NO SERVICE I miss the comments the most
NO SERVICE an unreliable host

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nervous ./ epidermis
id welcome another outage if it would spawn another rhyme like this

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"I miss the comments the most". Fun take on this challenge prompt. I particularly enjoyed your different approaches to the term "No service" (tennis/restaurants). Glad we're back up and running!

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Very nicely done! I've just been writing my own lyrics on the 503 theme so this one caught my eye

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So funny and clever. I feel it! I love the end the most - yeah!!

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haha such an amusing song. i like the clever uses of no service and there are a lot of fun rhymes and phrases and the piano is just lovely. nice one