Savage Destination

Savage Destination

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Liner Notes: 

Monday skirmish. Prompt: Savage

Got 15 minutes into this write and my aunt and cousin showed up for an unexpected visit, so had to put the song down. Hadn't seen them since my brother passed so was very nice to spend some time with them. So had to wait 'till I got home from teaching to spend a little more time with the skirmish. Only got a verse & chorus but here it is. Went sci-fi with this one, and it's one I may come back to and add some more.


Sent here from afar
From a distant unseen star
On a journey of exploration

Didn't know what I would find
That your world could be so blind
Gives me massive frustration

You're not alone
And there's no easy way out
The bird hasn't flown
You can heal without a doubt

Savage Destination
Intelligence on a self-destruction spree
A world headed for stagnation
Not really sure I wanna see
What this place is gonna be
Savage Destination
Savage Destination

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This is brilliant. Very creative and most cerainly makes one think about who's out there watching and what they might think.

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Great hook and wonderfully creative take on skirmish prompt! Love the sound. Nice use of vocal harmonies.

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This is a really great story and your delivery of the vocals is great. I love how you hold out the last word of each line and those harmonies are great and give a nice fall feeling to the song. The lyrics are solid, "Savage Destination" is a great line and surprisingly catchy. Thanks for playing along!