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All In

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Liner Notes: 

This is for the random collaboration challenge. Had a blast setting this lyric to music.


Some folks have a nice fancy brunch
Eggs benedict, French toast, coffee, and such
I just had five cookies for lunch
But I don’t really care
My neighbors keep their lawns so green
Bushes trimmed, flowers pristine
While my yard is a weed’s dream
I’ll mow one day I swear
Yeah, I may not play the part
Or by the rules or take to heart
Everything you hold dear
Just gonna have another beer
When hell freezes over, I’m all in
I can’t lose and I can’t win
So I’m just going to enjoy my sin
While I still can
Flashy cars and gaudy houses
Perfect kids and hot young spouses
I live in a sty with pigs and mouses
But this mud is nice and cool
Money, moolah, dollars, cash
Rat race, traffic, gofer dash
I don’t get how you don’t grasp
A nap is the real jewel
Toeing lines is for boats and sheep
All that work, nothing lasting reaped
I’m singing kids’ songs, you’re singing the blues
Damn, do I feel sorry for you

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those lyrics are SO adnama and that music is so quintessentially tjeff and the combination is so SPLENDIDLY FUN!

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I am soooooooooooooo glad you set this with piano! That's how I heard it in my head as it was writing itself. That makes my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those BGVs!!!!! Frickin' perfect!
And that pause from the bridge into the chorus........................ you are a goddamn genius!
Any time you need some lyrics, you just holler. You can set my words ANYTIME. Biggrin
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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The piano was a perfect choice. Full of sass, irreverence and punch. Just like the lyrics. 'Catchy' is the most overused word in music, but it applies more here than in most other cases.

A fun listen, one which makes sitting still near-impossible.

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"While my yard is a weed’s dream/I’ll mow one day I swear" @Adnama17, you crafted so many wonderful lines in this piece, but this and "Damn, do I feel sorry for you" are the clinchers. @tjeff, this is such a fun happy listen. I was smiling and swaying by the second line. Piano was a great choice. Winning collab team here!

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This just makes me want to dance around the room. Evokes Beetles/Monkees vibes. Happiness. Great writing and production!

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Everything about this hits a sweet spot for my ears.
Love the fun but melancholy lyrics and the way they are delivered; great vocals here throughout - love the harmonies.
All on top of that GREAT poppy piano - i'm a big ol' sucker for that sound. So bright, clear, and bold against the drums. Nice bass, too.
Love the "ba ba ba" (or is it "bop"?), that's such a great feel there.
Yeah, this was super fun to listen to and just sounds great to me.
So well-crafted by both of you; such great structure and arranging.

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Absolutely fabulous all around. Best feelings here, toe tapping, smiles.

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What a fabulous song. Those lyrics are damn fine, and the performance!! An absolutely amazing collaboration