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Liner Notes: 

I found a sample of Morse code that got this started. I used a sample of a cymbal crash that I put into Borderlands Granular and mutated it a bit, then put in a guitar part and wrote some lyrics.

I’m still on vacation, doing it all on an iPad in Cubasis, so limited tools. Borderlands is an iPad app.


Smoke signals
On the wind
Until we see
Each other again

How did we talk
Ever before
We relied on

The words, the meaning
An ugly sprawl
How do we communicate
At all?

A paper message
Rolled up tight
A carrier pigeon
On its flight

Always questions
Working slow
There’s a message to decode


Waving flags
on the shore
Deciphering semaphore

We receive
The dot the dash
Sending code
By Telegraph

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Wow all done while away ! This is fantastic

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Lyric is an interesting reflection on what has always been missing in remote communication. Limitations can be powerful and are in this case. Even on an ipad this sounds great!

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The Morse code is a great idea. I can really hear this is you! Really like this one mate. Some really interesting guitar in there's well.

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Really cool! Great idea for a theme, and I think the feel of the guitar and vocals goes along with it. The combination of the sample with the music and lyrics really makes me feel something, a bit sad and unsettled, but I think it takes talent for songs to make me feel that way, so good job!

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A novel idea that is absolutely terrific! The lyrics are clever and well written. The vibe of the music and vocals fits perfectly. I really like this a lot.