A Little More Rope

A Little More Rope

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Liner Notes: 

I’m on vacation with an acoustic guitar, so I as watching some YouTube guitar lessons on playing in the style of David Rawlings, a favorite of mine. Guitar teacher Eric Haugen has a bunch of lessons on that topic (like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFIjAJi50I8).

So I started doing a guitar part I kinda liked, then wrote some words.

I’m recording on an iPad with Cubasis, which I rarely use. So I don’t have all the usual plugins, and for a while I couldn’t figure out how to pan parts. Mixing on headphones. So hopefully this process is keeping me a little more honest, so to speak. Minimum studio trickery here!


Maybe one day we’ll
Make the scene
Maybe one day we’ll
Know what it means
Maybe one day we’ll
Live in a dream
Maybe one day we’ll
All be redeemed

The devil’s not here
To give you hope
He’s always got
A little more rope

There was a time
When it’s all been said
Livin each day
Inside my head
There was a time
We followed the thread
Making up for
Time wasted

Every day
Well take what we can get
Down to the wire
Our last regret
Every day
The options we neglect
As we light
one more Last cigarette

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Really cool guitar arrangment. It's reminiscent of some baroque lute/harp stuff, with an early Americana folky lyric and vocal. Super strong and catchy chorus! really enjoyed this. No big deal as I can't edit crap on a phone/tablet either, I mean I can it's just such a pain......but there's a huge section of silence at the end and me being a completionist did wait around hoping for one more runthrough of the riff Biggrin

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Ha the back story explained it. I thought you were away. Very neat guitar playing, has a folky feel to my ear.

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Always appreciate listening to some nice acoustic guitar playing...Nice way to enjoy your vacation.

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Love that chorus. Not familiar with David Rawlings, but I'm really enjoying the almost chaotic guitars. It really adds to the overall feel of the Devil extending more rope. Nice vacation write!

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Love the intricate fingering on that guitar! This is a fantastic write.

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Hey stand up just listened to a little more rope… Really like it a lot, enjoy the guitar work you’re exploring. I’ll have to look into David Rawlings

The vocal styling meter etc. reminds me of this americana/roots guy Bow Thayer from North Central Vermont.

Really like this tune Top notch all around!

Thanks for posting!


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That’s a really good track. The guitars are so good - the high part is both unusual sounding and catchy, and there’s a really nice mix of warmth and brightness. Really effective chorus. The rhyming in the verses is good too.

(I like Eric Haugen’s slide tutorials - the standard guitar ones are a bit beyond me.)

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love those guitars and the folky feel here. i like the ever so slight wonkiness in the melody of that theme on guitar - or is it mandolin or something?? sounds good anyway. well done Smile

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Came for the title and immediately dug the central guitar part. High part reminds me of Rawlings for sure. I find the verse lyrics really strong - the repetitions at the starts of lines and the insistent rhymes really draw me in, and great ideas here..