Don't Be Glum, Make It Fun

Don't Be Glum, Make It Fun

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Liner Notes: 

well, shouldnt the most depressed and cynical songwriter be allowed at least one joyful song per year\? well...shouldnt he? the picrure is of an idyllic 4th o july party for seattles rock and roll elite that took place every year on gary minkler lake washingfon estate. im, sittting here, wearing ny irlfriends chorus line t shirt, with best friend eric apoe , with toichard riggins behind us. these parties were the jigh point of the year, and on this date i had returned from boston for the summer so it was especially exciting seeing all my seattle friends again, back in the good old days when we were fab. the song has nothing to do with the party, but to me they fit together into the same frame.


if you are going to sing about your lady
dont be glum, make it fun
music is for dancing, for making hay
not a requiem on your burial day

20 years ago she said
they had 20 years ahead
but more years passed and every night
brought them bounties of delight

then came the devils from the sea
and cornered those who could not flee
the war
refugees from wilted arbors
anchored in a thousand harbors
never to set a foot on shore

how can we dance when the music is cruel
and hearts are breaking like drugstore jewels
i taste your tears when i see you cry
out of one battened eye

shw said to dance is to dance
she said to sing is to sing
think only of the holy now
it matters not what the next moment brings

so if you are going to sing about your lady
dont be glum, make it fun
music is for dancing, for making hay
not a requiem on your burial day

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Love the upbeat message. Yes, more than enough misery to go around and then some. In spite of it all, we can be happy!! Nice song.

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This is a fun song, the music almost sounds like it could be the score of a video game which I like a lot. I like the upbeat message of the song, it's nice to have fun and write a happy song now and then.

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Fun to hear you do different things, Bill! Suuuuch different lyrics from what I generally churn out. I'm really going to try for more imagery and general "heaviness" the second half. I promise! Keep inspiring me, like you did with this one!

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"how can we dance when the music is cruel" love it.A lyric poem set to a disrthmic bed. Another form of blues.

The solo outro is a chaotic joy! Dance, little fingers! Smile
Thanks for your always kind words and listens! Much appreciated.

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Nice lyrics and I like the bounce to this. Need to pinch myself Bill and Jerry happy songs and it's only 8.24 in the morning here. Goodness me - must be something in the water.

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Play that funky music white boy! This is a pretty fun recording as it is; you capture a real sense of joy. The lyric again reminds me that you're one of the best wordsmiths plying these waters.