Demasiado No Es Bueno (Too Much Is No Good)

Demasiado No Es Bueno (Too Much Is No Good)

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Liner Notes: 

I can write and sing OK in Spanish. I'm still uncomfortable speaking it with actual people.


Delicioso, exquisito
es tan rico – quiero mas
Apetitoso y sabroso
es tan bueno – quiero mas

tanto, muchisimo
demasiado – no es bueno

Delicious, exquisite
So rich – I want more
Tempting and tasty
so good – I want more

So much, more than enough
too much is no good

Demasiado – no es bueno
Bastante – todo lo que necesitas
Suficiente – todo lo que necesitas

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I need to go back to Duolingo, but I understood most of this without looking at the translation! Yay! Simple and sweet and I really like it!

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Yup thats that banjo style of yours again. Good to hear! My spanish is no good at all so i just enjoy the music and the english.

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Muy bien El Señor Withrow. Tu canción es muy sabia y sensible Me gustó mucho.

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I love the feel of this song, it's laid back and gave me a calm feeling. Your vocals are lovely on this. Nice work!