Upside to Down

Upside to Down

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Liner Notes: 

I see that I am going to always be late to a skirmish because of time zones. But I took the cue and tried to write something about upside down. No music yet.
I was surprised that this came out. So I guess it is therapy as well as song writing.
If someone feels moved to make music to it, please do.


Is there an upside to being down?
Maybe they’ll forgive me for having a frown
or not expect me to hang around
pretending to be happy when I’m not.

Is there an upside to being down?
Will I be forgiven if I don’t come to town
or don’t show up in a fancy gown
pretending to be glamorous when I feel plain

Is there an upside to being down

Just let me be,
don’t make me perform
give me room to breathe
don’t pile on expectations
let me be normal
let me grieve

Is there an upside to being down
I no longer want to play the clown
an entertainer of great renown
maybe no-one will notice if I’m gone

Is there an upside to being down
maybe I could get out of this town
go off to where I am unknown
free to reinvent myself as I please

Is there an upside to being down

Just let me be me

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Nothing wrong with being late, especially when you get inspiration like this! Nice take on the prompt and very relatable. We've all thought of just slipping away and starting over. "Free to reinvent myself as I please"

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This is really good. You have developed the idea very well. Each verse adds to your overall question. It's a well-structured and balanced and insightful lyric. I'm sure a lot of people will relate to this.

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Thanks, Roddy, for the encouraging remarks. They really help overcome the inertia.

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A clever write with the wordplay. I get a vibe of frustration and yearning and the lines have a good rhythm to them. Also, "just let me be me" is so universal in thought! Many can relate.

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Boy, this hits home for me personally.
Couldn't have put it any better for my state of mind for the last 5 years or so.
"Just let me be, don't make me perform..." Good grief - work, friends, That applies to just about every thing and person in my life. This whole song speaks to this introvert.
Great moving lyric.