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Liner Notes: 

i started this patch a week ago and got too busy to record it, so i decided to document it in one take before disassembling everything for another idea...

the seed of this was the plonk module, which is a physical modeling percussion device. it has a "random" mode where you can have it make a totally different sound on every hit, and i wanted to try and make something around that. this is sort of interesting, but all in all more academic that musically enjoyable.

moving on...

STILL! plonk makes some amazing sounds. i'm thinking about making FAWM/5090 sample packs (see, and this particular module might be a good candidate for creating a formidable percussion library for folks to use...

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

grids / hihat -> plonk (in randomized mode)
grids / snare -> peaks -> tallin (for grit)
grids / kick -> peaks -> tallin (for grit)

grids / hihat -> rings ("trebly" membrane mode)
grids / snare -> basimilus iteritas alter ("alto" skin mode)
grids / kick -> plaits ("bass" 2-operator FM mode)

plaits -> ripples (LP and HP filters panned left / right)
entire mix (stmix) -> typhoon (granular delay + reverb)

marbles outputs 3 sequences in clock divider/multiplier mode, fed into a stages used as a 3-way sequential switch. the other 3 channels on stages are used as sample & holds to sample the current underlying sequence from that sequential switch for each of the 3 voices.

arcadian rhythms for manually advancing the sequential switch
music thing control for bringing bass & alto voices in and out

ochd for tweaking parameters everywhere
mimetic digitalis for modulating grids' drum patterns when the sequential switch is also triggered

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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The fact that a physical object called a "plonk module" exists in this world fills me with joy. The fact that it makes ridiculously fun sounds is even better.

This is great fun. I get occasional flashbacks to early Yello in the more active percussion sections. But the fact that you have to tear down the configuration for the next song gives me the heeby-jeebies!

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Fascinating - sounds wild in headphones!
My brother-in-law is a physicist/musician who would likely get what you're laying down mathematically and such. I'm just digging it for being off-kilter and funky.

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Oh my god I'm a sucker for percussive beats and this has that in droves! Well done!