Gulag ('News from the Tundra' # 1) demo up

Gulag ('News from the Tundra' # 1) demo up

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Liner Notes: 

And now for a little touch of the theatrical (or alternative), with @bunter's marvellous, evocative music and @QuothTheLlama's haunting vocals.

Donna sez: Thank you so much, both of you. Smile



My heart is a gulag
Its prisoners are ghosts
Shuffling in from the past
Waiting in line for water and bread
When all I can offer are words of regret

My body’s a gulag
It keeps me confined
Seems I am both deaf and blind
Bones of endurance brittle and weak
Feel like I’m prey in a wild falcon’s beak

Yet when icicles fracture at night in the eaves
And the wind beats a death knell on skeletal trees
I remember your eyes and the warble of birdsong
Weaving its way through the leaves

My mind is a gulag
With guards at its gate
Hunching like vultures they wait
Ready to swoop on signs of unrest
Remnants of days when I knew I was blessed

Brief solo

Bridge (half/repeat)
I remember your eyes and the warble of birdsong
Weaving its way through the leaves
I remember your eyes
… I remember your eyes
…I remember your eyes

© 2021 Donna Devine

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this big orchestral pop confection harkens to the days when epic songs like macarthur park were produced and found eager listeners on top 40 AM radio.

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Just wow! Poignantly done, from the words, talk about haunting, to the beautiful music and arrangement and brought together, and so well expressed, by the vocal.

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Very beautiful song and collaboration. Sounds gorgeous. Love the lyrics, music, singing and playing. I feel like being in a musical theatre.

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Love this! The production adds wonderful musical drama and Llama's vocals are top-notch, giving this spectacular Donna lyric the setting it deserves -- and more!

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Holy moly, this is masterful! Amazing production and instrumentation by Billy and Llama's vocal treatment is absolutely remarkable! And your lyrics are, as always, chock full of evocative images and thoughtful crafting. I love the line "Feel like prey in a wild falcon's beak".

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Oh, such finesse in words, music and vocals. Really vivid expressions of emotion. First verse in the lyric sets the stage with those haunting vocals and the music is all-encompassing. Gorgeous combination. I especially like the image of "Waiting in line for water and bread". I mean, that says it all about where the heart is and then moves on to the body and mind. Great job!

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i feel like im in a house of holy prophesy or the church of bones and sorrow...the cantor at the wailing wall or a lovesick gamin in the street, a cry of universal pain is everywhere at once, as the song of the human echoes off the walls of oxygen into the chambers of infinity

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Hey you 2, this song is incredible. The words are amazing, the vocals are amazing and the music is soooo good! Has a bond movie soundtrack feel to it. so creative. Well done all involved.