At Ease

At Ease

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Liner Notes: 

This took a couple days. Cool guitar riff structure first, then wrote some lyrics. Lyrics started off pretty downer-oriented, but I tried to spin it with a chorus that says "but no, things are actually pretty good".

I have a gig Friday then next week I'm going on vacation. There will be a couple days with no writing, I'm sure. I'm taking a guitar and some portable recording gear with me, so I'm gonna try to write some songs sitting on the banks of Lake Huron.


Spent my whole life
Waiting for a change
Changes to things
I could not arrange

I am patient
Sometimes kind
But but endless waiting
Fills my mind

A storm is coming
The darkest clouds
Are rolling in
We’re waiting now

INSTRO 1/2 verse

What was a storm now a gentle breeze
You put me at ease

I try to explain
every time
But the answer always
Escapes my mind

When I’m honest
There’s room for doubt
I feel like I’m leaving
Leaving something out


Waited here
for so long
Waiting for the rights
But everything is wrong

Waited so long
For the fix
But nothing ever
Seems to stick

Looking down the road
Still so much to say
I think we’re gonna go
All the way

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the chorus lightens things up, but also diminishes the seriousness and severity of the storm. it is still a good song about weathering a storm. really nice rhythm and vocals . lyrics are direct and easily digestible.

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Sounds great! I love that neil young-ish, laid back but intense laurel canyon kind of vibe to this. Great production and harmonies. Many killer lines, (last verse particularly). I like the chorus musically, tho I suspect there is an even better chorus lyric out there (or maybe iterations of it, where you keep one line of the two and each time you hear the chorus its a different rhyming line to 'ease or breeze' etc. (sees? knees? trees? ok i'll stop now!) nice work......... and enjoy the trip!

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Thats a beauty! Great guitar, reminds me of one of my favs Tom Verlaine. Love this one mate.

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A very nice song and performance. The bass is playing a really nice part. The outro is particularly good.

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What was a storm now a gentle breeze...such a great line in this chorus.
You really accomplished your goal of balancing upbeat sounds and the angst in the lyrics. I dig the interesting bass lines you have going on. For me a little nod to the Dead in some of your arrangement.
You have a super voice too! Great tune.