The Only Truth Is Music

The Only Truth Is Music

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The Only Truth Is Music (50/90 collab with lyricist @cindyrella)


Liner Notes: 

Lyrics by @cindyrella, music by @Amanda Rose Riley.

Cindy's original note: I came across a quote from Jack Kerouac this morning- "The only truth is music", and it inspired this song.

Amanda: This is my second collab with Cindy this week because I liked both of the lyrics. Although I have a lot of my own ideas and concepts for songs and I am a decent lyricist, I always find it very easy to find an existing lyric that inspires me and just hammer out a quick tune and chord progression to it. If any other lyricists want to collaborate let me know.


The Only Truth is Music
© 2021 Cindy Prince

Saw a quote in this a.m.
Stopped me on the spot
Perhaps it has been done before
But just in case it's not

Jack Kerouac said it
But one of his wise sentences
I think I was meant to see it
It's not a coincidence

"The only truth is music"
The only reality are notes
All there really is I think
Is written in that quote
Jazz, folk, acoustic
The only truth is music

How has a song changed your life?
With which one did you feel the knife in your heart?

I keep diving into the quote
Thinking more about what it implies
Rolling it around on my tongue
Then even more thoughts arise

This quote has already changed me
Which is what words are supposed to do
Words and music together
Inspiring a breakthrough

Repeat chorus

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wobbie wobbit's picture

short n sweet and a truth pertinent to us here. nice lyrics. never noticed acoustic and music rhyme, nice one. nicely set to music and lovely delivery. nice collab

cindyrella's picture

Great and straight to the point, which is what I wanted! A song to make you think of other songs, and how you identify with them.
I love it! Thanks

coolparadiso's picture

Yes nice lyric, well musicated. Very straight to the point. Clean vocal.

billwhite51's picture

amanda shows smart instincts on where to take the music from note to note, phrase to phrase.

Panch's picture

Yes I think you'll get plenty of agreement about that on here. Very nicely done. Incidently Schopenhauer said pretty much the same thing 100 odd years earlier - “The effect of music is so very much more powerful and penetrating than is that of the other arts, for these others speak only of the shadow, but music of the essence.”

Kristi's picture

"Words and music together/Inspiring a breakthrough"....yep, we all hope for that. Good to hear music with this now! I enjoyed the guitar and positive vocal. It's delivered in an honest, friendly way. I like that "acoustic/music rhyme too! Very clever!

Belladonna's picture

Nice collab. Yes, there's much you can say in music that you probably would not say in conversation.

Jerry Pettit's picture

First of all, congrats to Cindy getting to go home from the hospital today! Yay! (And I hope I didn't violate your HIPAA rights there!) Wink

Amanda, this is the sweetest one of yours that I've heard yet--love your voice. Another great collab by the two of you!

wacha's picture

This is lovely, Cindy's lyrics pay such a great tribute to art and Amanda really captured that feeling with her delivery. This feels like a perfect pairing for this collaboration, I would have believed this was a song Amanda could have written but it also tracks for a set of lyrics from Cindy.

headfirstonly's picture

So much this! It's the truth as far as I'm concerned.

And that truth being expressed in the very form that inspired it is a perfect closing of the circle. Bravo, both of you!

Mandolinda's picture

Nice collaboration. The bridge is a good question for anyone to think about @cindyrella.
@Amanda, you get the timing and the emphasis every time.