Point Nemo

Point Nemo

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Liner Notes: 

So I've been reading about Point Nemo, a point in the South Pacific Ocean more than 1,000 miles from any landmass. When the space station is overhead, the nearest human being is about 250 miles, otherwise the nearest human is likely more than 1,000 miles away. It's the point in the ocean farthest from land. The most remote place in the world's oceans.

I watched a video of a guy in a sailboat race, a solo worldwide race, sailing through this vast space and tried to capture something musically about how that might feel. It's cold, about 40 degrees (Fahrenheit, 4 degrees C). There are storms. And there are miles and miles and miles of absolutely nothing. Because it's in a bit of a current dead zone, there's not even a lot of sea life around there.

Interesting, to me.

So the music was supposed to capture the power of the ocean, the vastness of the space, and the absence of humans.



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The hollow emptiness permeates this piece.

It feels like loneliness wrapped into a watery soundscape.

Mission accomplished, I'd say.

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it sounds a bit like the recordings made up there somewhere near jupiter.

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yup all you are missing is the bip! then i would think it was from right outta space! really feel the vastness!

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Atmospheric it is, stone cold lonely isolation. nice.