Bass Ackwards

Bass Ackwards

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Liner Notes: 

I sent an instrumental bit to Loveonamixtape and just a few days later I got back this song.

I'm playing bass, guitar, and tenor guitar (and ebow electric guitar in the second half) and providing vocal harmonies. Loveonamixtape provides the lovely low alto vocal and the lyrics.


When you said you’d never leave
I was ready to believe
And when you said I was the best
I saw no reason to protest

And when you said you weren’t coming back
I couldn’t help but laugh

Oh but take a look at my track record
I always seem to get things backwards
Thinking you’re coming as I watch you go
I wouldn’t know my ass from my elbow

When you said everything was fine
I kept taking my time
And when you said nothing hurt
I took you at your word

And when every third word became a sigh
I didn’t take it as a sign

Oooh cuz I always get things twisted
Even though I can never turn them around
Trying my best to turn you out
All I do is just turn everything upside down

I’ve got such a talent for being wrong
I should put it in a song
Share my folly with a guitar and a drumkit
Maybe make something beautiful out of it

Or at least one thing I can say is true
Something that might mean something to you

Something you might hum while you walk away
But what’s the difference between an ass and elbow anyway?

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evokes classic roy orbison filtered through high tech americana. love the guitars and melodies. ace singing as well.

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Good use of guitars. I thought the " reason to protest" couplet was a wonderful attention-grabber.

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The twangy guitars and eathy vocals remind me of the Pretenders.

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Ditto what @ductapeguy and @billwhite51 said. This has a wonderful mellow feel and really strong storytelling. I particularly love the "when every third word became a sigh" bit. Relatable AF.

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"I always get things twisted even though I can never turn them around." What a great line. Very evocative. And I like the guitar part as well. Nice melodic line.