"Pirate Musical" : "Another one is sinking,another one is singing"

"Pirate Musical" : "Another one is sinking,another one is singing"

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Liner Notes: 

Somehow English warship missed,but whales pushed a pirate ship too fast,so they crashed.

Ex-princess Beatrice : Bad-tempered princess of Denmark who, goodness me ! ,used to wear male clothes ,because they were more comfortable.She was also accused of poisoning her brother,but she just accidentally collected wrong poisonous mushrooms.

(Later on she wrote a book : "Mushrooms of Denmark" ,which is nowadays called the most dangerous book of Denmark.)

So,obviously she was a witch! Danish noblemen agreed that she would be exiled to Finis Terrae (now Finland),but then King shouted :"Silence! have you forgotten that God is merciful?! If we send her to Finis Terrae,she suffers there rest of her life,but if we burn her,she suffers only 20 minutes!"

"Yeah,burn the witch!!!"

Well,of course she was saved by pirates.


This is starting to be a mess ,but atleast i got some material for a novel Smile


Captain Olaf : "Let`s swim to that fishing boat!"

Fisherman John : " There is only room for one!"

Captain Olaf :"You go,ex-princess."
Ex-Princess : "Oh,men are always heros,women are just object of their heroism,is that what you are saying!!?"
"I am sorry your ex-highness,i just try to be polite"
"Try harder!!!!...alright, i go ,but YOU didn`t save me, i saved myself...so,what are we going to do now?"
"We gonna sink"
"Sing? alright"

(Ex -princess singing)


Captain Olaf: "Look,dolphins!!"

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LOOK! Dolphins and joyful music! This was fantastic. Followed you on Soundcloud as well. Nice work. The vocals are blended perfectly. Took me to Pink Floyd levels of immersion.