Happier Days

Happier Days

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Liner Notes: 


You know what it's like. You want to go to bed at a reasonable time, but that song you started is suddenly coming together. I'll just finish the music do the words and vocals when I have time. The problem is you know if you leave the song now, you'll lose the flow and it might never get words and vocals. It's only 1230, I'll try to put some words together for a quick start tomorrow. You rough out 1 and a half verses and a chorus. Damn, you like the chorus and you have the melody so you will put down a rough quiet 2 am vocal. Damn you think of a middle 8. You'll never remember that, you need to rough it. Damn you got 2 passable verses a chorus and a middle 8 now. It's 4am I might as well finish and post it. It's 5:50 am on Saturday July 24th and I am now about to post a new song. Hope it's ok when I listen back tomorrow, when my ears are fresh and my brain is less muddled.

I stumbled on TCM and the rest of the film channels yesterday afternoon, wall to wall cowboy movies. Must have influenced the words. There's a couple of Christmas Movie channels too. Might influence my next lyric. Smile HOHOHO Smile


Happier Days
Music & Lyrics Mark Scullion ©2021

Put that weapon down, it's time to face our problems.
With in-laws like outlaws, the casualties are mounting.

Lets take some time, remember happier days

Hold that acid tongue, insults won't help anyone.
We need to get together, no point in any more hate

Lets take some time, remember happier days

We're all so wearied, we're all getting older, we have enough problems, there is so much more to live for.

Lets take some time, remember happier days
Lets take some time, remember happier days
Lets take some time, remember happier days
Lets take some time, remember happier days

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Nice music bed, to push off. I like these lyrics and the repetition nails it.

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sounds like me last night. i was watching john fords she wore a yellow ribbon when i received an invitation to collab on a song. i was in bed finishing it at 3 am. fter listening to some songs here, ill record a draft of the collab then watch the third part of fords calavry trilogy and hpe there is enought ie to write another song before my wife comes home from work.ohm but this issa comment on your song, and i can only relate more, as er live with our inlaws who are often outlaws as well. and if we had any money, we might be able to move to a shack near disneyland for some happier days. despite all this, how do you craft and preform such pretty songs?

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Strong stuff in the lyric. The in-laws/outlaws, the acid tongue. But there are happier days to recalls, so I feel like all is not lost.

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Well you certainly hit a few mental blocks and took a ride on the struggle bus before getting this demo out, but wow - the product out of all the obstacles. I'm not one to fully understand "at odds" with in-laws. But I do agree it's best to always accentuate the positive and not dwell on the negative. Love that ending, too.