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Liner Notes: 

For the first time in ages I was on stage again, had great fun and ofcourse some nerves and really enjoyed all other artists, when I got home I felt how open and light my heart felt and I realized I can completely forget what being on stage does to my soul, when I'm to long on the land I dry up without really noticing, and thats how I came to write this song straight away. It sounds a bit depressing cause of the chords, tried to use some major's but yhen it just gets weird without real humor Wink



I belong to the water but I’m living on the land
hunting myself down dry
Keep thinking I can live from the air and the sand
hoping I’ll enjoy the sky
but stars are not what I need right now
although they look shiny and bright
I need the touch of skin
need the moon to bring in the tide

I belong to the water but I’m living on the land
forgetting I need that drop of air
it gives me my freedom
it gives my right to live
my heart lays in there
the land is logical and practical
and keeps you quite straight
but I’m not somebody who should relate
to other people around me for whom this is the way
I need a something different
a different place to stay

water lets me breath
water sets me free
water brings me back into one peace

and I never realized that water can be cold
sometimes she even scares but she brings in the gold light in my heart
light in my heart
water brings me in my heart light in my heart even if she’s freeezing light

Sarah Sötemann

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Ohhh… I love the gentle guitar and the absolutely gorgeous vocals. What a wonderful melody it flows so beautifully - the ease of your vocal leaps, phrasing, dynamics are perfect .. it takes me on a wonderful journey - transporting me to a serene joyful feeling … I love the water bridge. Love the liner notes too.

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Oh wauw Kahlo thank you for the great compliments!
Wonderfull to hear it transports you to a serene joyfull feeling, then the positive message came through Smile

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nice one! you should post the lyrics so we can read them here as well!

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you sound like you might be a ponyo. dont leave the coast and keep writing and performing gorgeous songs for those of us unfortunate to be walking on hard cement with calloused feet.

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very nice..wonderful vocals with that single guitar .

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Lovely and relaxing and uplifting, the feel of homecoming and restoration is palpable. Sure, there's a tinge of darkness, but this song and your gentle performance is a reminder that, just maybe, we can go home, and that that means something

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There is more a sense of hope than a feeling of darkness. Lyrically it does lend towards a somewhat bleak scenario. However your delivery elevates it beyond that. Very well done; it's relaxing and freeing.

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What a beautiful tune. I love your finger picking and the repetitive humming you do in the chorus. It's absolutely haunting. Really pulled me into a deep place. Wonderful.

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What a sublime song and delivered with such subtle delicacy and poise...impossible not to be swept away by the flow...