How I Roll

How I Roll

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Liner Notes: 

I felt like I was in a rut, song-wise, so I went for a bike ride.

This song was the result.



Sorry to those I didn't name check-- please know that I love you too. The song was getting far too long as it was.


This is how I roll
A tale of two wheels

It's a summer's day and the sun is shining
A pretty nice day - in fact just fine and
I'm looking for adventure and things to do
And I know just how to make it all come true

I'm heading out to the garage and looking around
I know what it is that I have just found
Yes I've found exactly the thing that I like
I have uncovered my favourite bike

Yeah I got two wheels and a microphone
And it's time to get rolling, to set the tone

This is how I roll (this is how i roll)
A tale of two wheels

I'm hopping on my bike and it's ready to rock
Ain't just thinking of a cruise around the block
No I got my sights on bigger fish than that
Because the fact remains that I'm kinda fat

That's f-a-t not p-h-a-t
The reality is that I'm kinda weighty
and the time is overdue to make a change
Ain't nobody gonna think I'm strange

Cuz I got two wheels and a microphone
And it's time to get rolling, to set the tone

This is how I roll (this is how i roll)
A tale of two wheels

My bike has no engine to weigh it down
It's pedal power that gets me around this town
There aren't many hills in this prairie place
But I'll add what I can find to my route's trace

I travel the roads and the biking paths
Go long enough and I can feel it in my calves
Yeah I think you know what I'm talking about
And a nice warm bath will soak the muscle cramps out

Still I got two wheels and a microphone
And I've got the show rolling, I'm setting the tone

This is how I roll (this is how i roll)
A tale of two wheels

Maybe next time I'll bring a soundtrack
As I ride all around the city and back
Dragondreams, headfirstonly, CTS, Georgie, and cleanshoes too
Pete Murphy, Liz Frencham, musiccomposer I hear you

But this time around it's just me all alone
Riding with my thoughts as my lyrics I hone
Ride's nearly done, think I'll shift down a gear
And I won't be leaving the bike alone till next year

Cuz I got two wheels and a microphone
The show's almost done now, no need to moan

This is how I roll (this is how i roll)
A tale of two wheels

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I can feel the wheels of the bike rolling underneath me. The vocal treatment reminds me of “I Can’t Do it Alone” by Catherine Zeta Jones in “Chicago.” May be obtuse for most but that’s where it takes me - lol!

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those casio chords. So hot. So tropical, so lofi (with the recording method)

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Hey, this is rolling very well indeed. Refreshing. Damn, I think I'm going to my keyboard now. It's got some built in accompaniment... You know, in the late 80s and early 90s I learnt a lot from my friends who played Yamaha Electone organs. I never went to a music school. But these keyboards... you learn a lot just by going through the list of MIDI instruments and built in rhythms. My music teacher was baffled after she told us to list all the instruments we knew by name. I produced a very long list indeed. Ah, memories... Smile

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This is a lot of fun :). I love the refrain/chorus (the BV in particular), and obviously the Casio accompaniment is majestic… because any Casio accompaniment is by definition majestic. Nice way to ride yourself out of that rut!

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What a fantastic bike riding song! You should do this every day!

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Welcome to the lounge bar, where Mr Klages is on stage! Nicely done, if i used a bike ride, mine would have more puffing in it!

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The vocal performance is so good here - filled with such fun "soulful" character! The lyrics are terrific too - light and silly and, again, fun! Awesome bicycle jam!

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" How I Roll" ..this is a fun song to listen to on a nice sunny morning..
maybe take a high performance BMW out and lets see what song you get from that experience... "How I had to hold On" Smile

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Oh yeah, this is wonderfully nostalgic. I can picture you riding around town singing this song, perhaps getting strange looks from the community, but then it all ends with a summer party in the local park. What a great song Alex!

See You In The Shadows…

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A perfect cycling song and thanks for the name check! Nice groove from that Casio, too. I'm a great believer in just taking off for a walk or a bike ride when you're stuck. It's amazing how fast the answer appears when you do.

Laughing at "got two wheels and a microphone..." This is definitely Where It's At.

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I have so many visuals from not only the lyrics, but also the casio backing track. I do see a person rolling down a biking path in 80s pastel aqua blue, green, and pink gear and helmet with those pixel sunglasses on. They aren't even pedaling or steering, just delivering these vocals with all kinds of hand gestures and such. Everyone they pass gets turned from normal humans into cartoon versions of themselves and starts dancing to the casio accomp.
The vocal delivery of this is pretty darn perfect. Super fun and provides a smile. Great writing.
This was quite cool