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this is supposed to be a soothing song
for all the nights I've been alone
running and running and running
away from the hauting hours
the man in my dreams that keeps comming at me
and I'm running and running and running
there's no end
old castles breaking down
my group followed by the man
again and again there's no end
falling back in the darkness
falling back in the night
fallung back in my body
searching for the light
but I'm running and running
through the night
all relationships break in my dreams
everything collapses
and I see nothing
through my closed broken eyes
but running and running and running
all night

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This certainly is a haunting chord progression with good use of dissonance. The vocals add to the feeling. For me the line 'old castles breaking down' adds medieval imagery and provides a setting. My wife has told me of a similar recurring dream, running from a man chasing her. Well done!

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This really is a very soothing song! It's got a mesmerising groove lyrically and musically and is very melodic. A very enjoyable listen.

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you maintain a dreamalike motion throughoutds add to that haunted feeling of a recurring dream. my only probllem was with the line \old castles breaking down' which deoesnt fit wuth the world of the song snad takes e out of it.i also sont the believe this singer had any old castles. and i feel it would be more effective to go straight frorm the line there's no end to my group followed by the man, mixed metaphors can ofyen be effective ehrn you want to open up a new vista or cause a dislocation in the present one. but you do such a wonderful job of creating a unified dreamworld that the old castle appeared out of nowhere to no significant purpose. mainly, it stopped the running motion. if you are married to the broken castle image. perhaps you could start the song in the castle, with you running from someone equivalent to a ghost or an incubus.

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Set it up beautifully with your choice of chords, the vocal delivery further enhances the mood good job.

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I love the self-referential lyric right out of the gate. We know it's not going to be soothing. That guitar line walking down creates a lot of tension. That "running" bit is very effective, both in terms of setting the scene and as a vocal hook. Long story short: I like this a lot

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'and I see nothing through my closed broken eyes'...such a heart rendering line as is the whole song...wonderful!