I Already Miss You

I Already Miss You

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Liner Notes: 

Another song of loss. The loss is not mine but of those around me. My heartfelt condolences to them and anyone grieving right now.


Heard you were leaving
My world will never be the same
I’m having a hard time believing
Things would ever be this way
But here we are at a bridge
That changes everything
You’re crossing over
Thought it would be slower
I guess it’ll be OK
I already miss you

Hope you’re better now
I guess I’ll be alright
I’ll keep pressing through
Long days and longer nights
When you crossed over that bridge
It changed everything
For you it’s over
For me it's slower
I guess it’ll be OK
I already miss you

Life is like a dream
Sometimes it’s good
Sometimes it’s bad
Sometimes you don’t know what it means
But it feels like something important

If you can hear me
Just know that I understand
Living, loving, leaving
Is in the master plan
We all end at the bridge
That changes everything
When I’m older
And I cross over
Please meet me there OK
I already miss you
Do you miss me too?

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Wolf Kier's picture

This song and the song for your uncle are both so lovely, just gentle intimate and raw.
Really nice, comforting listen. Hugs.

billwhite51's picture

today ive been grieving the loss of my dear friend chuck e weiss to cancer so your song is special for me in these moments. thank you for lending your lovely voice to the thoughts all of us who have lost someone are feeling.

Gm7's picture

great feeling of emotion in the words and the vocals are so intimate

Ferry Colyer's picture

It's really nice of you to share a song like this to empathize with. I sometimes think about how singing songs will be a forever happening thing... even more without electricity. No time to hide behind amplifiers and stuff, just vocals and one or more instruments to guide the vocals. This is such an example of pure, good stuff. Thanks for sharing!

musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful song Val. Thank you for creating it. I've lost my mum recently and I appreciate your song very much. Beautiful lyrics, music, vocals and playing. Very special song.

kahlo's picture

Absolutely gorgeous, Val. It touches my heart in so many ways. It captures the grieving and longing associated with loss with insight, empathy, and compassion in such a beautiful way. Your uke and vocals are perfect for the lyrics. Such tender emotion.

Gwyn Jones's picture

What a very deeply touching song...beautifully performed...

OdilonGreen's picture

The relentless momentum of the uke does a great job of conveying how quickly things change, whether for good or towards loss. And your vocal performance here has a accepting, reflective quality, with just a hint of longing, that suits that theme perfectly.