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Liner Notes: 

I guess that video about poetry affected my writing more than I had thought. I know I could probably break the lines down into a format that feels more like a song, but this is how it came out when I was writing it.


I'm like a tiger in a cage
Or like a hamster on a wheel
I could walk and walk forever,
But that's always how I'll feel I can't get OUT
I can't go anywhere at all
And if they take me somewhere sometime I'm a hamster in a ball
I know the score
But I keep falling down the stairs
Just like a bird that tries to fly out of an open door and finds they've clipped his wings and no one cares
I'm like a pet
That you swear to feed and take for walks,
But sometimes you forget
And you neglect
I'm pacing tied up to a post
And it's the fact I can't get far because the chain's too short that bothers me the most
It's like a tube-maze that's a single loop that leads back to the cage
It's like it's Groundhog Day and I'm repeating just a short loop of a few miserable days
It's like I write a thousand words and in the morning they're all missing from the page
It's like a zoo back in the time when they would lock up anything that would amaze
With no thought for the animals, but only for the white customers' gaze
And they use cattle-prods to keep me in this pen that's far too small for all my life
Which might be just as tiny if I forget to balance on the knife
Run like a cheetah on the edge but take one step that's wrong and be reeled in
By that shock collar they've installed beneath my skin
And I can only say someday I will get out of here with an ironic grin
'Cause there's a better chance than average when I go that I'll be going in the bin
Even hamsters on a wheel know that the race they're running they can never win
So yeah, that's what I bite back each time that someone, smiling, asks me how I've been

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I had to check this out, since I'm a hamster mom. I love the analogies. I could hear this as a partly sung type of spoken word, in the style of Patti Smith. Smile

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The barrage of similes gives this a sort of claustrophobic feel which I think is what you were going for... trapped in a vicious cycle. Well done.

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Wow, this lyric is so rich in imagery. I'm surprised you were able to spit out so many different kinds of images related to the topic in one sitting. If I had to write to that prompt, I would have taken it in a much more personal direction and wouldn't have been able to come up with something like this. Kudos to you for that!

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Created a tremendous amount of tension for me as I continued to read. Very impactful! Patti Smith is a great take!

I could hear a few different musical treatments.

Love it!


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Wonderfully insightful lyric and great analogies. Those last few lines are perfect!