"Pirate Musical" : 74xTroubles,Battlecry

"Pirate Musical" : 74xTroubles,Battlecry

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Liner Notes: 

Pirate ship and English warship meets near English coast.Captains happens to be cousins,and Captain Edmund promised to Olaf`s father,his uncle,that he will not kill Olaf.Helmsman didn`t made such a promise,and he is now in charge...Captain Edmund has gone to his cabin to have a cup of tea,and to play violoncello...



Helmsman : "So,friend of animals... " (laughter)
"You have destroyed and looted six whaleboats and you own His Majesty 100 000 pounds.You have two options : either you pay that sum now OR ... i`ll give you an adress where you can send that money when you got them"

Captain Olaf : "I don`t have that money right now,so may i have that address,please,i promise that i pay that sum later"

Helmsman:"Alright,i send that address,we leave now,have a nice day,sir"(shrugs his shoulders)"Sweet music to my ears"
Gunner? : "You really like captain`s violoncello playing?"
Helmsman : "No,it`s horrible,i mean the sound that these bad boys make"
Gunner : "Oh,you mean our cannons.Even one can sink that pirate ship and we have 74,how many we fire?"
Helmsman :"All of them"

Ex-princess :"Are they aiming at us or that fishing boat...they are aimimg at us!!! we are going to die !!!"
Captain Olaf :"Let me think...we need to get closer.."
Ex-princess : "WHY CLOSER!!!!"
Captain Olaf : "Look at those cannons,they can shoot as far as they want,but not as close as they want..."
Ex-princess: "´But we don`t have sails !!!"
Captain Olaf: " We have whales !!! those two whales that we saved are following us,maybe they can push"

Battle cry
(Captain Olaf singing)

"Fight for the right to live and to be free.
Every living thing is sacred,even rat,mosquito and flea.
Rag is our flag,our heartbeat is our drums.
Stand tall,men ,and fight,while the northern wind still hums."

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Epic soundtrack! I do wish the lyrics were actually recorded in the track because they're so amusing too, but reading along and imagining the voices while the rousing music played worked too, and I had quite the mind-movie going! Biggrin