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Liner Notes: 

modular synth experiments continue!

this is a different setup and my goal was to create a simple dawless electronic jam in under an hour. mission accomplished!

it uses a mini-modular setup (an attempt at emulating a 1970s buchla music easel) with a volca beats drum machine.

\\\\\\\\ patch notes ////////

arturia beatstep pro @ 100bpm with "random" set to 50% and "probability" set to 33%
i just started punching buttons and twisting knobs until i found things that were kinda cool and ran with it!
i'm bringing parts in and out via track mutes, also playing with play modes (forward, reverse, etc)

track 1 of the beatstep -> maths (ch1) -> dixie ii+ -> ultrafold -> dplpg ("bass")
track 2 of the beatstep -> maths (ch4) -> sto -> dplpg ("lead")

track 3 of the beatstep -> korg volca beats via MIDI (i'm manually messing with the "stutter" control")

modbox, tirana, noise tools 1u: messing with envelope lengths, wavefolding, shape, etc.

everything goes into a mackie mini-mixer with a tc electronic flashback (ping-pong delay) and hall of fame (reverb) on the send/return

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Well - I can't help but comment about how Kraftwerky this sound. The groove on this thing made me smile. Such a throwback feel. On the technical side, I appreciate the winging it approach - just doing twisting and dialing and see what happens. I've often told Nancy (Rost) that I wish I would allow myself to do more of that. I dig Intenerate.

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The Buchla has a very distinctive sound (the Arturia emulation is huge fun, although it rather stands out if you try to use it in a pop setting. I know; I've tried, and failed.) You capture it well here.

But I agree with Craig: this has a great Berlin feel to it, and it drives along with a groove that's rock solid. Hooray for Krautrock!