Sold my soul

Sold my soul

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Liner Notes: 

Just some lyrics i wrote without to much thought, so take it with a grain of salt


burn marks on my skin
I let depression win
Felt abandoned by my church
so i let the devil in
Got branded as a sacrifice
he wants me to sin
He showed me the end
i found a fire within
one foot in my casket
he leaves me to die
im just a dumbass
for believing the lie
he don't want me to leave
but he likes to see me try
colonized minds
we're all just waiting in line
Im a ghost in a shell
just roaming the earth
i try to figure out
what it's all worth
and every fucking day
a lot of people get hurt
no one comes to save us
as we crawl in the dirt
this is our demise
we need to make it our own
and fuck those who are
just sitting on a throne
all so save and sound
don't throw them a bone
they can come and get it
just let that be known

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im finding more grains of truth than grains of salt in your lyric. and i like your delivery and the beats supporting it.

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This is very slick. Loving on the line "Felt abandoned by my church so i let the devil in". Cool stuff, the lyrics just flow.