"Pirate Musical" Act 1 : Captain`s Song

"Pirate Musical" Act 1 : Captain`s Song

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Liner Notes: 

Captain Olaf (introvert and a little bit insecure former Danish nobleman,vegan,who is dedicated to save whales.Only and worst possible option in 16th century to do that is to become captain of pirate ship).Olaf Is trying to fix a sail,and suddenly sees boat of fisherman John.


I started this as a joke,but then got inspired,and i got some ideas .



"Hey,fisherman,can you hear me?HEY! i am..)

(Singing,Verse 1)

"I am pirate from Denmark,
and i own a pet shark,
i`ll protect a whale,
i`ll protect a snail,
and of course
i`ll protect a seahorse"

(Verse 2)





Captain Olaf :"Hey, what is that behind the fishing boat,a mountain?"
Chef Francois :" With 74 gun !!?,no it`s an English warship!!!!?"
Captain Olaf :"Oh,that is a good thing"
Chef Francois "WHAT !!?"
Captain Olaf :"That captain is my cousin"

(On the deck of English warship :)

Captain Edmund :"Hey, what is that behind the fishing boat,a scarecrow ?"
Helmsman : "With harpoon and two musket!? No ,it`s a pirate ship ! "
Captain Edmund :"That is a very bad thing!"
Helmsman : "WHAT!!?"
Captain Edmund : "That "captain" is my cousin.I made a promise to my uncle,that i don`t kill him..."
Helmsman : "Did I made such a promise?"
Captain Edmund :" hmmm...no....maybe i go to my cabin and have a cup of tea and then play violincello...."
Helmsman : "Good idea Sir, meanwhile we... practice ...shooting...."

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that first note sounded like a foghorn at sea, then we get the feel of the ship. followed by a march. the vocal section is etherial. like voices in the fog. then the most wonderful instrumenta;; passage that brings to mind activity on deck. seems like some shooting is about to start. but the dangers pass without altercation. fade and then a celebration. bring out the rum! note..if some of the impressions following the vical part dont make sense, iy may ne because you posted on soundcloud where they automatically transfer you to an un named piece after te conclusion of the piece you were listening to. and i had no guide imge to let me know if your piece had ended and another started. to me, it all sounded as of one piece, but the fade outs gave me pause.

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I'm sitting here listening to this with a big grin on my face. Even if you started this as a joke, you really need to pick this up and run with it. It's huge fun and the liner notes are hilarious!