The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know

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Liner Notes: 

A month or two ago (Cheating! Before 50/90!) I wrote down in my notebook "Say hello to the devil you know"

when I ran across it again, it started some ideas up. ±So after a few days ±I had this.

§For some reason my computer is inserting a character ± each time ±I hit the ±Caps ±Key. §Not sure why.


Say hello to the new tomorrow
hello to the newest scheme
yesterday was borrowed
On the wind, ashes of a dream

Say hello to the devil you know
and a few
who haven’t burned you yet
Say hello
Say hello
Say hello to the devil you know
and hello to new regrets
you know the devil will take
all that he can get

All Is quiet on the astral plane
Say farewell to the ghost
somehow now estranged from
The one you miss the most

Hello fall from grace
Living like a gangster
Perjury embraces
The lifestyle of slander

Back in school we were fools
14 years of age
Hello all you slack-jawed ghouls
All the wars we waged

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It's a terrific line to base a song around, and the song does it justice. The chorus has a catchy sing-along quality that mirrors the seductive quality of following the devil you know, and the entire track has a class-rock Eagles-esque feel that very much appeals to me. Really like the heavier breakdown / solo too!

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I really enjoyed this, a solid rock song. Love the catchy chorus, a potential ear worm I fear. Nice job.

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live the title and the chorus carries it on. some slick lines in the verses as well. slack jawed ghouls indeed. a solid rock song with substance.

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Better the devil you know than the one you don't. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Nice write.

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Cracking rock song. The lyrics really do not put a foot wrong. Very much enjoyed this.

Oh, and I suspect that Windows has switched turning off Caps Lock to the Shift key. It's buried deep in settings under "Text services and Input Languages" in the Advanced Key Settings tab. Use the radio button to set it back to "press the Caps Lock key"

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What a hook! And the rhythmic flow of that chorus is a serious bop! That feels like a classic in the making. Please develop this one because I love it!

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Ooh, I like this one! It really does feel like a classic rock song. The chorus is catchy and the whole thing is just really solid lyrically. Nice job!

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Such a catchy tune! You were right to jot down that title. Great lyrics, great arrangement, this is the whole package! The astral plane verse is a winer.

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What a great hook line !! Love it Smile Very catchy as said above, and a gorgeous slow flow.

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If having an idea before 50/90 is cheating then most of my songs wouldn't count! Imo ideas are very easy to come up with and the point of 50/90 is putting in the sweat to craft and finish songs! Anyway, this is a pretty cool and catchy song, especially the chorus. I like the guitar solo too. I like that you keep the lyrics simple and don't try to say too many different things with them and it works.

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Awesome, and also seems timely, too. The whole song, particularly the chorus, has a barroom anthem singalong feel. Super guitars, too. First listen of the morning, and I'm loving it!

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I like this. I noticed how you trimmed some of the lyric lines when you sang them...and that sounds really good. For example, "Hello new regrets" sounds so much better than "Say hello to new regrets." It's things like this that make the difference between an OK song and a good song, IMO. At least, it's one of the things. This turned out well, and the hook repetition is great! Nice work!