Touch Me, Remind Me Who I Am

Touch Me, Remind Me Who I Am

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Liner Notes: 

This song is based on one of my favorite poets-Stanley Kunitz. He was the US Poet Laureate and was 100 when he died. This song is somewhat based on his poem
Touch Me, with quotes from that poem, and also about my husband and I.


Touch Me, Remind Me Who I Am
© 2021 Cindy Prince

You knew that first date
But it was "my heart that was late"
You were "wild with love and almost torn in two"
I looked into your eyes and I knew

"Words plucked out of the air"
When my sister told me how much you cared
I didn't want it to be "my heart's that's flown"
I took your hand and I was home

"Touch me, remind me who I am"
Life comes on too sharp
Love me, help me understand
Help me find again your heart

"Desire, desire, desire
The longing for the dance"
Come relight our fire
Let's have a renewed romance

"Darling, do you remember?"
After all these past Novembers
If we find that magic place we were
Come, be my love whisperer

Repeat chorus

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very nicely done- you've made it your own - great line "love comes too sharp"

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That's a really moving poem. I was completely drawn in to the affection in it.

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Very nice work on this one! The lyrics are very moving and evoke a lot of emotion.

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"Love Whisperer"....awesome.
Nice how you incorporated so many lines, but my Fav is the bridge. I loved the line in the poem "Desire, desire, desire" glad that made it.
Love the inspiration and the personal perspective, glad this poetry challenge has connected with you!!

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Really, really beautiful! In my head, reading this, I envision it with a musical accompaniment much greater than I could supply with my limited experience….Orchestral strings or a harp…..but, I will think on it a bit, and see if I can rein in that vision to just vocals and guitar. It’s a lovely piece!