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Liner Notes: 

BDDSM is a pun on "Body Dysmorphic Disorder" not "Bondage/Discipline".

This is a true story (except for the s/m bits, that's not my thing) but I definitely suffered from this in my 20s; but I seem to getting better. Not sure it's possible to ever be cured. A "lazy perfectionist", as always! I am fairly happy with the lyric.

Not looking for pity - If you have any such thoughts, seek talking therapy first. If you need more information first, here's a good video -


When I was younger
Had a disorder
Body Dismorphia
It was pure torture

Thought I was ugly
And no one would love me
Thought I was fat but
I could control that

In bondage to the discipline required
The pain was almost pleasure to my mind
Twenty years, a starving masochist
But damn did I have a cute behind!

Days skipping dinner
To get me thinner
and Make me a winner
Just made life grimmer

Now that I’m older
Don’t do that no longer
I’m getting better
I’m getting bigger

In bondage to the discipline required
The mental pain was also pleasure
Twenty years on, starving masochist's
Cute arse in chaps of the finest leather!

Pile on the pounds
More me to go round, but
What is that sound?
My dreams being drowned

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social observation, personal realization, and psychological truths, and all in a track ya can dance to!
nice work all around! That ending chorus with the dueling vocals is brilliant!

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love your observational style. always fun to listen to whats next - love the weird background music!

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When you've reached a certain age, the realities you refer to are quite jarring. I know...I've seen my waist get bigger. Not sure about my hiney though. I'm thinking that might be getting to a pudding-like state as well. Great observational comedy and delivery sir. The chorus at the end is boss.